The Coremail mail system is a large-scale enterprise mail system independently researched and developed by Coremail Eristic. After 20 years of in-depth research and development, the system technology is mature, and the performance is stable and efficient, which can give full play of the performance of the mail server. Therefore, it is the preferred solution for many well-known enterprises, government and universities to set up the mail server systems and enterprise mailboxes.

Service advantage
Service advantage

Based on the safe, fast, stable, high-efficiency, open and flexible Coremail self-built system, Coremail enterprise mailbox has broken the consistent model of traditional enterprise 

mailbox hosting services and brought new enterprise email SaaS hosting operation service for 

customers through a mature cloud computing model.

With low cost, carry out resource optimization

Coremail professional version enterprise mailbox does not need the customer to provide the mail 

system equipment by itself, and does not need to purchase expensive host computers, email system 

software, anti-virus and anti-spam software and search for server hosting. The customer just needs to pay a limited amount of 

money to solve all problems. Coremail enterprise mailbox provides a full set of administrator manuals 

and user manuals, so that the enterprise mailbox can be easily managed without professional 

personnel, which will reduce personnel costs.

Easy to manage and open quickly

Without previous software debugging, services can be quickly opened, and enterprises can easily add 

or delete mailbox accounts, allocate space, modify configuration, and perform other management functions.

Without maintenance, you can enjoy exclusive professional services

Coremail enterprise mailbox provides professional customer service staff and senior technical team to 

ensure the stable operation of the enterprise mailbox system; Adopt new intelligent anti-spam system and professional anti-virus system to reduce the trouble and operating costs of the enterprise; With 24×7 service monitoring, 

provide full-time stable service for each enterprise.

Product function module

Easy management

High-efficient office environment

Global email

No spam at all

Safe and carefree

Global email
  • Overseas access acceleration

    Adopt unique cloud image technology, so that overseas sending and receiving speed has increased by 6 times.

  • Intelligent delivery

    Servers are deployed all over the world, with intelligent delivery system, there is no congestion among international links

  • Private transmission protocol

    Adopt encrypted transmission to greatly compress the email content with fastness and safety.

No spam at all
  • Unique anti-spam engine

    Through intelligent learning of massive spam samples, the spam intercept is up to 99%.

  • Maximum IP credit database

    National IP credit database, to block spam mails from the source

  • Billion-level spam sample database

    From 600 million users and millions of probe mailboxes

Safe and carefree
  • Safe transmission with encryption

    Adopt a full set of SSL transmission to ensure data transmission security, no leakage of account and password[account and password].

  • Safety monitoring and auditing

    Through the settings in the background, emails that meet the rules will be checked by the administrator before receiving and sending, to ensure the safety of enterprise information.

  • Anti-counterfeiting mail

    The sole domestic mail system that supports the world's most advanced mail anti-counterfeiting technology DMARC, to accurately identify the fraudulent mail.

  • Secure backup[Secure Backup]

    During working, the system automatically backs up your emails, so that you can completely recover the emails deleted accidentally.

High-efficient office environment
  • Meeting and schedule via email

    Through simple operation, you can send meeting invitations, book meeting rooms, and follow up the reply via email. Once the meeting invitation is accepted, it will be reminded before the meeting via email, so that it is easy to arrange the cross-team and cross-site meeting.

  • Enterprise net folder

    Team members can share documents in the net folder, convenient for working; in addition, it can set different authorities for users to browse, upload, and download documents, to ensure document privacy.

  • Unlimited capacity

    Don’t worry about the risk of rejection of emails due to insufficient space; meanwhile, it is also convenient for the review of historical mail.

  • All-terminal synchronization

    Computer, mobile phone, PAD or any internet equipment can access emails, schedules and email address books, so that you can work efficiently at anytime and anywhere.

Easy management
  • Mailing list authority

    It can set the authority for the use of the group sending of the mailing list to prevent illegal group sending of information

  • IP login authority

    Set the account IP login authority to plug safety vulnerabilities

  • Member outgoing authority

    Set a restricted list to prohibit outgoing emails, so that the enterprise information is more secure.

  • Multi-level Administrator

    Assign hierarchical administrators to carry out decentralization management of different scopes.

Coremail professional version service advantage

7 x 24-hour service monitoring

Adopt 7x24 full-time monitoring and reminding to ensure that users will enjoy international-level safety protection.

Provide timely and efficient service

Provide 400 customer service staffs to support telephone hotline and mailbox and quickly solve various problems for customers.

Professional technical support

Have a senior professional technical team and customer service team, able to provide all-round quality services for customers.

Comprehensive pre-sale service

We set up branches and agencies across the country and arrange professionals to solve various problems for users.