The Coremail mail system is a large-scale enterprise mail system independently researched and developed by Coremail Eristic. After 20 years of in-depth research and development, the system technology is mature, and the performance is stable and efficient, which can give full play of the performance of the mail server. Therefore, it is the preferred solution for many well-known enterprises, government and universities to set up the mail server systems and enterprise mailboxes.

Introduction to functional modules

  • Independently exclusive email system

    Every user has the independent software license permission authorization. The administrators can completely formulate  proprietary solutions for enterprise mailbox, such as independent anti-spam strategy, independent email access security strategy, and independent email monitoring and audit strategy, independent  security log record look-up, and so on. 

  • Independent data storage space

    Provides each customer of us with independent data storage space, the data of each user is stored separately and isolated from  other users’ data. The users can manage the data independently and ensure the autonomy of daily maintenance. 

  • Flexible system structures

    Giving up experimental and high-risk system structure, the Coremail Enterprise Mailbox Platform selects the most mature enterprise-grade software and hardware technologies and is built based on mature and mainstream cloud computing virtualization  platforms. The Coremail Enterprise Mailbox combines the mail application experience of the Coremail team for many years  and inherits the system advantages of the vertical and horizontal expansion of the Coremail Enterprise Mailbox, which allows each customer to enjoy a carefully planned and designed mail system. 

  • System customization and integration

    We provide personalized page customization according to the actual situation of the enterprise organization to make the  entire system interface more close to the enterprise organization’s own brand culture. The Coremail Enterprise E-mail has perfect secondary development and standard API interface, which can be easily integrated with enterprise information  systems such as OA. It not only ensures the synchronization of organizational structure and user information, but also ensures  the compatibility among various application systems. 

  • Comprehensive security system

    We provide a comprehensive and integrated protection strategy according to the development of the email information life  cycle, to protect the security of the mail system information and data in terms of storage, login, transmission, anti-spam,  management, and defense. 

  • All-terminal interconnection system

    Whatever you are using now: PC terminal web version, third-party PC mail client, mobile phone, or tablet computer, the other terminals will automatically synchronize your contacts, emails,  schedules and other data in real time. Cross-platform and multi-device data synchronization enables you to work in a portable  office . 

  • Collaboration office system

    The Coremail Enterprise Mailbox collaboration office system focuses on improving the efficiency of the department/team  collaboration work as the core. Through efficient and easy-to-use mailbox functions, it reduces communication costs among members and improves the work efficiency of individual and  the entire team to realize the easy communication cross-department/region and help the organization grow rapidly. 

  • Intelligent Management System

    The Coremail Enterprise Email Intelligent Management System continues the consistent management philosophy of the  Coremail Email System, and provides the combination system structure management mode of “system-organization-department-sub-department-user”. The enterprise system administrators can independently formulate the administration authority at all levels according to  the needs of management and business to meet the actual needs of government units at different levels, enterprise  organizations in different scales. 

Service advantages
Full-image remote disaster recoveryVIP服务

The Coremail Enterprise Mailbox has established a remote disaster tolerant system in telecom-class computer rooms in many places across the country. Through self-developed image redundancy technology, the real-time synchronization of data between the main and standby systems is achieved. In the event of a disaster in the business system, it can instantly switch to a full-image server and quickly restore service without affecting the users’ normal mailbox operations, which provides a guarantee for the system to truly achieve 7×24h operations.

Full-trusteeship service without purchasing the infrastructure 

The Coremail is responsible for hardware, network and operating system installation and 

maintenance. It is responsible for the delivery online and maintenance (VIP service level) of the mail 

system, and charging annually. 

Independent data storage space 

Coremail Enterprise Mailbox provides each customer with independent data storage space. The data 

of each user is stored separately and isolated from other users’ data. The users can manage the data 

independently and ensure the autonomy of daily maintenance. 

System customization integration 

Coremail special version mailbox provides personalized page customization according to the actual 

situation of the enterprise organization to make the entire interface more close to the enterprise 

organization’s own brand culture. 

Enjoy free 7*24VIP service throughout the year 

Being concentrated on email for 18 years, as the first domestic email technology service provider, 

serving for more than 700 million users, accumulating a large amount of after-sales technical support experience, adopting one-to-one 24*7 caring service, Let the business without worries in the future. 


Service advantagesDetailed functions of exclusive and professional versions are compared.

Special version

Be applicable to enterprises that have more requirements for mail server or data security, such as listed companies, securities companies, etc. •Cover all functions of the special version •Highly autonomous authority system •Support advanced customization •standalone server •independent IDC customization•Network environment independent choice control•Professional SA supports 100 users for immediate purchase for sale start point Purchase immediately

Professional version

Have excellent basic functions and be suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. •Unlimited capacity •Basic mailbox functions and management settings •Multi-platform support •Multi-domain management •Management of the organization members •Mail recovery due to accidental deletion within 7 days     Immediate purchase for user’s sale start point Purchase immediately

The Price Calculator Choose the number of members of your team, or enter directly

Professional version:¥5600 /Year
Special version:¥5600 /Year

For more details, please contact the Coremail consultant

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