The Coremail mail system is a large-scale enterprise mail system independently researched and developed by Coremail Eristic. After 20 years of in-depth research and development, the system technology is mature, and the performance is stable and efficient, which can give full play of the performance of the mail server. Therefore, it is the preferred solution for many well-known enterprises, government and universities to set up the mail server systems and enterprise mailboxes.

Service advantages

Coremail mailbox software version integrates the safe, fast, stable, high-efficiency, open and flexible enterprise mailbox system to sell in a bundle. Customers can purchase 

their own independent servers and bandwidth resources and integrate configurations based on their 

own business requirements.

One-time purchase for lifetime use

Coremail mailbox software version mailbox system can be purchased one-off for lifetime use (only a small amount of service fee will be charged each year later).

Independent system resources

The customer purchases hardware and network resources, and completes the installation and 

maintenance of the operating system by itself. Coremail is responsible for the delivery of the mail system.

Value-added modules are purchased on demand

In addition to the standard mailbox product functions, it also provides value-added modules, such as enterprise net folder, personal net folder, large file transit center, email audit 

and other value-added modules, and customers can purchase according to their own demand.

Service fee shall be paid yearly

Software version customers can purchase Coremail’s after-sales service based on their technical capabilities and actual demand.

System customization integration

Coremail software version mailbox system provides personalized page customization according to the 

actual situation of the enterprise organization to make the entire interface more close to the enterprise 

organization’s own brand culture.

Movement: In the mobile office era, communicate freely at anytime and anywhere


Born for the cloud, facing cloud genes for the future


Organization authority granularity


In the mobile office era, communicate at anytime and anywhere.


With comprehensive protection, provide security escort.

High efficiency:

Adopt collaborative office to improve team efficiency.

Cloud: Born for the cloud, facing cloud genes for the future
  • Cloud application integration

    Dock with mainstream office information systems such as Landray, Seeyon, Weaver, Kingdee, Kingsoft, UFIDA, etc.; simultaneously open up the enterprise Wechat docking module, and provide the third-party net folder access integration portal.

  • Flexible dilatation for increased demand

    Increase servers on demand to improve system computing performance; Server does not stop for storage dilatation.

  • Polymorphic cloud deployment

    Provide public network-based public cloud deployment solutions, intranet-based private cloud deployment solutions, and hybrid cloud deployment solutions with unique functional modules that can be flexibly combined.

Safety: With comprehensive protection, provide wholehearted security escort
  • Real-time synchronization of data

    Synchronize data in real time on mobile device terminals: Personal address book synchronization, corporate address book inquiry and access, meeting and schedule synchronization and reminding, mail synchronization and arrival reminding.

  • Office system identification

    In the mobile office environment, email can be connected to the OA, ERP and other systems of the enterprise. The email address can be used as an effective identification of employees, so that the office efficiency is more efficient and convenient.

  • Lunkr APP

    As the Coremail mail system dedicated APP, it supports the corporate address book, email sending and receiving and other convenient operations.

Product function module
  • All-terminal encryption protection

    Adopt SM9 and SSL and other technologies, provide security guarantee for users to access via the Web, mobile phone, Pad and other terminals.

  • Anti-DOS attack

    Prevent DOS attacks from multiple aspects, such as avoiding multi-level nesting, preventing automatic response from entering an endless loop state; Deepen defense at key points to minimize DOS attack damage.

  • Anti-phishing pre-warning mechanism

    Adopt most advanced GSB v2 technology to filter phishing email, which can provide pre-warning for the high-risk / suspicious mail and suspicious links opened in the text.

  • CAC Anti-Spam Center

    Based on the world's 300millionusers’ spam sample database, and tens of millions of IP credit database, Coremail establishes a national commercial anti-spam service operation center in the cloud.

High efficiency: Adopt collaborative office to comprehensively improve team efficiency
  • File center

    Newly-added enterprise netfolder supports the enterprise file sharing, online preview, email sending in the form of external links, and other functions. The unified batch operation makes the use management of the file center more convenient.

  • Corporate address book

    Powerful tree structure address book supports the spelling and Chinese character search and email automatic matching, and sets partial account confidentiality.

  • Meeting and schedule

    Provide meeting and schedule synchronization, meeting room online inquiry, and email one-click group meeting,schedule sharing, and separation of personal schedules and sharing schedules and multi-screen synchronization, to realize real-time synchronization of multiple terminals as well as real-time reminding of important meetings and schedules.

  • CAC Anti-spam center

    Based on the world's 300millionusers’ spam sample database, and tens of millions of IP credit database, Coremail establishes a national commercial anti-spam email service operation center in the cloud.

Management: Improve organization authority granularity and personalized corporate image
  • Management granularity

    On the basis of retaining the original super administrator, system administrators, organization administrators and department administrators, add customized administrators, to prevent excessive administrator authority and achieve equivalent protection authority granularity

  • Statistics Center

    Record 15 dimensional data, such as the number of mails sent and received, the size distribution of mails, spam and virus mails, etc., which shall be visualized as line charts and bar charts. Meanwhile, the data can be exported in the form of excel or pictures for further data analysis and mining.

  • Enterprise Customization

    Coremail XT5.0 supports the customization of 8 items of special pages, such as custom login , enterprise letter foot, address book fields, etc., which can highly unify the enterprise brand image and improve the brand recognition.

  • Class of Service

    Coremail XT5.0 has more than 50 service control items, to provide exquisite services of different types at different levels for different types of users.