The Coremail mail system is a large-scale enterprise mail system independently researched and developed by Coremail Eristic. After 20 years of in-depth research and development, the system technology is mature, and the performance is stable and efficient, which can give full play of the performance of the mail server. Therefore, it is the preferred solution for many well-known enterprises, government and universities to set up the mail server systems and enterprise mailboxes.

  • Cloud-based real-time online anti-spam service

    The online anti-spam system uses Coremail's self-developed anti-spam machine learning technology based on big data, to make real-time and accurate judgment on email.

  • Rapid response to new threats

    Coremail anti-spam data center monitors and responds quickly to block the latest threats from the Internet

  • Professional manual audit service

    The CAC anti-spam expert team adjusts the wiighting coefficient according to the system requirements, increases spam samples manually, and sets special programs of machine learning, to further improve the anti-spam effect.

  • Offline anti-spam service

    Regularly update feature database to offline anti-spam system

  • Combination of offline anti-spam and online anti-spam

    Coremail mail system can use the offline anti-spam function to judge the mail when the cloud online anti-spam service is invalid.

Six items of technical support
  • 1 Image classification technology
  • 2 Behavior analysis technology
  • 3 Text fingerprinting technology
  • 4 Machine learning algorithm
  • 5 IP scoring technology
  • 6 Intelligent phishing identification technology