The Coremail mail system is a large-scale enterprise mail system independently researched and developed by Coremail Eristic. After 20 years of in-depth research and development, the system technology is mature, and the performance is stable and efficient, which can give full play of the performance of the mail server. Therefore, it is the preferred solution for many well-known enterprises, government and universities to set up the mail server systems and enterprise mailboxes.

Accelerate the arrival of information, to facilitate communication between teachers and students
  • Data tracking

    Providing clear intelligent analysis and management background, so that users can view relevant delivery data in this background. The user can also carry out the secondary delivery operation according to the delivery data.

  • Variable delivery

    Variable delivery means that users can only see informatios related to themselves, and information that is irrelevant to themselves will be shielded; [Variable delivery meas that users can only see informatios related to themselves, and information that is irrelevant to themselves will be shielded; ]Privacy protection is a very important part of campus information dissemination. The situation that there are many students and the information is not unified will increase the management difficulty for teachers.

  • Online registration and signature

    The online registration subverts the function of traditional mail communication, which has no input box, instead, the user just needs to click the button to implement interactive registration, and a relevant electronic receipt will be returned to the user's mailbox after registration.In addition, according to the mail archive properties, the email has the legal basis effect.

  • QR code grouping and sending emails

    The two-dimensional code breaks the traditional practice of campus information dissemination. Students could join the group sending list autonomously by scanning the QR code, that is, students who have joined the group sending list have obvious needs, so that the teacher has been relieved of the trouble of registering one by one.

  • Address book accurate delivery

    Campus mail provides accurate email group sending function for all departments or teachers of the school according to the student organization structure. Group senders can quickly send group emails according to their own organization structure, unnecessary to look over/collate/record the student address book, which can save time.

Multi-scene template can provide solutions for campus informatization

Activity registration

Dormitory assignment

Utility bill

Announcement of results

Agreement signing

Service mode
  • 1 Coretmail is responsible for the installation and maintenance of  the hardware, network and operating system. 
  • 2 Coremail is responsible for the delivery and maintenance of the  mail system 
  • 3 It will charge annually. 
  • 4 It will start selling at 1 million of emails.