The Coremail mail system is a large-scale enterprise mail system independently researched and developed by Coremail Eristic. After 20 years of in-depth research and development, the system technology is mature, and the performance is stable and efficient, which can give full play of the performance of the mail server. Therefore, it is the preferred solution for many well-known enterprises, government and universities to set up the mail server systems and enterprise mailboxes.

Leading industry safety standards, and pursuing superior performance experience
  • Login security

    Log in to the binding terminal to perform double validation, match mainstream fingerprint recognition, unlock with gesture password, carry out login validation through Face ID recognition, and adopt encryption transmission of account password, to prevent decryption.

  • Transmission security

    The Coremail private protocol uses SSL, PKI, and other encryption transmission technologies to encrypt mail data transmission, achieve anti-listening, support national encryption standard algorithm and ensure transmission security.

  • Data Security

    Adopt service-side sm3 and sm4 encrypted storage, data encryption transmission, link encryption anti-blasting and anti-deciphering, and data desensitization, to provide the most secure information protection.

  • Account security

    Account password adopts md series encryption and decryption, able to forbid the account offline.

Focusing on extreme light collaboration
  • Email Support mainstream mailbox login, synchronize Coremail mailbox information, send and receive emails in real time, be able to configure emails to push folders, and dock Coremail common functions.
  • Discussion Adopt the multi-person work communication and collaboration mode centered on the subject matter, collect the relevant participants and project documents in the work, output the discussion results in time, and realize seamless handover with emails.
  • Address book The corporate address book is synchronized with the image, to provide a tree-structured display mode, with clear organizational hierarchy. The personal address book can save emails and external contacts, to efficiently manage the contacts by grouping.
  • Schedule Coremail schedules are synchronized in each terminal, and you can also create schedules. Schedule management keeps your work in order, and schedule reminder ensures no missing of any schedule.
  • Network disc Corporate document cloud storage makes it convenient for employees to share document data at anytime and anywhere, and makes the team collaboration simpler, faster and safer. The personal network disk stores its own knowledge base; the file search is more convenient, and the network disks are synchronized at each terminal.
  • Call recognition Unnecessary to save the colleague's phone number to the mobile phone, for the colleague calls, eristic can automatically identify and display the department, position name and other information of the caller.
Comprehensive solution to meet the office requirements in all aspects
Security solution Account solution Collaborative solution Mail solution

•Security solution

Double validation, FACE ID or fingerprint unlocking, gesture password, scan code login, etc. multiple  means and assurances ensure the account login security.Administrators can limit employee account  login and function usage, link encryption, server-side data secure storage, and anti-decryption attacks, HTTPS security request, and MD series coding encryption mode, to ensure  information encryption security.


•Account solution

The account belongs to the company. Once the employee leaves the company, the account cannot  continue to log in. All information is managed by the company, to restrict the leakage of corporate  information. Enterprise administrator has the highest control authority of all employee accounts.

•Collaborative solution

Reasonable display of enterprise organization structure and employee information, enterprise cloud  disk storage and file sharing around the subject, schedule management and meeting arrangement  make your work more organized and prepared in advance. Corporate announcement, team broadcast,  notification services with visible control scope, and API interface open to customers can break  through the existing collaboration tools in the company.

Mail solution

Perfectly support the mail client of Coremail mailbox system, save and synchronize important data in  the cloud, with reliable security terminal, support mobile scene, indoor office and mainstream  terminal, adapt to business people, and bring more humanized mail operation experience.

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