The Coremail mail system is a large-scale enterprise mail system independently researched and developed by Coremail Eristic. After 20 years of in-depth research and development, the system technology is mature, and the performance is stable and efficient, which can give full play of the performance of the mail server. Therefore, it is the preferred solution for many well-known enterprises, government and universities to set up the mail server systems and enterprise mailboxes.

Mail archive system - backup is searchable, security is traceable
Mail archive system - backup is searchable, security is traceable

    Coremail mail archive system is a mail data storage management and retrieval system through the 

most advanced dynamic storage technology, which is deployed on the mail delivery path. Through 

the flexible setting of the mail archiving strategy, carrying out the classification archiving of incoming 

and outgoing mail information data, the data such as email content and attachments may be securely 

stored for a long period of time; meanwhile, a large amount of history emails can be retrieved at any 

time through a powerful mail search tool, and the multi-dimension classification of email contents can also be carried out, convenient for integration and 

unified management of information flow, and quick recovery of mail in the event of accidental data 

loss. The archive system can solve the following problems for the enterprise: 

■Mail Backup:Automatic real-time archiving of mail, without missing any one email, to avoid the deletion of mail information. 

■Message retrieval:use the powerful online mail retrieval tool to quickly locate the valuable  information you need from massive data. 

■Mail access:Comprehensive mail restore management function facilitates the secondary use of  historical mail data. 

■Mail Audit:Set rigorous mail hierarchical access authority, easy to carry out the audit of the content  and the security monitoring. 

Are you aware of the following crises in your business?

Law support evidence is required when dealing with disputes!

Archived mails are required as the law evidence for the lawsuit over patent ownership with the cooperative corporation, to prove that the patent design is dominated by the company.

The company's internal negative problems are publicized widely!

The company has recently been smeared maliciously. Some internal problems have been deliberately exaggerated. The company wants to find the source of damage to the company's reputation via email.

Competitors have arranged or bribed the personnel inside the company!

The General Manager of the company wants to check the mail records of a salesman in August as the law evidence that competitors bribed the internal personnel to steal company secrets.

During working, whether you are often plagued by the following problems
  • Personnel handover, infor...

    Xu in charge of the South America business has left a foreign trade company, but Xu did not hand over the information of a very important customer. We have learned that this customer has already confirmed the order with the company, so please find out the emails between him and the company from the end of November to December.

  • The key leader of the com...

    An important leader's notebook is lost, all his emails are saved in Outlook, and there is no backup on the server, so he wants to know whether it is able to recover his emails.

  • The work handover of key ...

    The designer Wang of the production department left the company, the designer Hu who takes over Wang's work is not very familiar with many of the projects. Therefore, you can export Wang's work email for the past six months to the designer Hu to follow up.

Coremail Archive System perfectly eliminates your worries
Coremail Archive System perfectly eliminates your worries
Mail backup

Automatically archive your mails in real time, without missing any mail, and avoid accidental deletion of mail information.

Mail search

Provide powerful online mail search tool, able to rapidly locate the important information to be searched from the massive data.

Mail restore

Comprehensive mail restore management function facilitates the secondary use of historical mail data.

Mail audit

Set unique three-dimension separation authority and rigorous mail hierarchical access authority, easy to carry out the audit of the mail content.

Keyword Alerts

Set keyword alert conditions, to timely find out the breach of confidence, and make better tracking and control of information leakage incidents.