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Mail Solutions 2018/05/16 10:25:05

YY Live is a communication software under the Huanjushidai (also known as Guangzhou Huaduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.). Based on the Internet team voice communication platform, it is the free voice software for gamers with powerful functions, clear sound quality, security and stability, no resources and good response.

YY is committed to building a world-leading interactive live broadcast platform, with a variety of beauties interactions, high-quality live content and the ultimate interactive experience. It provides users and interactive and immersive entertainment experience of live broadcast, including music and dance shows, outdoor activities and sports, and popular games such as Battlegrounds and King of Glory.

YY Live was first used in the team voice command call of World of Warcraft players, and gradually attracted some users of the legendary private service. Finally, it developed into a team voice tool necessary for users through FireWire games, in which, as it was observed, the YY Live ID was attached in 99% of the team received advertisement. At the beginning of 2009, YY entertainment users have formed a user group that can compete with game users. The entertainment association of YY Live began to gradually overtake the game guild, and the popularity is growing. Today, YY Live has become a comprehensive instant messaging software that integrates team voice, friend chat, video function, channel K song, live video, YY group chat, application game, online video and other functions.